Open-Monitor Issues

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Open-Monitor Issues

Postby ptmuldoon » Sun Apr 19, 2015 12:04 pm

I'm not sure if upgrading to the latest version did something or not, but I can not get my openhab-monitor script to run today. Fortunately, I do not need to return my hub if you have been reading the news!!!

Mainly, I've followed this info. ... t_locally/

So my init script is called S81openhab and looks as follows:

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[root@flex-dvt init.d]# cat S81openhab

case "${1}" in
      echo -n "Starting openhab-monitor..."
      /opt/openhab/openhab-monitor >> /var/log/openhab-monitor &

      echo -n "Stopping openhab-monitor..."
      killall openhab-monitor

      ${0} stop
      sleep 1
      ${0} start

      echo "Usage: $0 [start|stop|restart]"

And when I run the script, i get an error on Line 25, can'f find the file?
[root@flex-dvt init.d]# ./S81openhab start
Starting openhab-monitor...
[root@flex-dvt init.d]# ./S81openhab: line 25: /opt/openhab/openhab-monitor: not found

However, the file does exists in opt/openhab/ and is also set for 777 permissions. I can use nano and read the file just fine.

Does any using OpenHab have similar issues?

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