Attaching Devices to Rooted Wink Hub?

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Re: Attaching Devices to Rooted Wink Hub?

Postby CloneNum3 » Tue Feb 24, 2015 10:13 pm

hossman wrote:Is there a trick to rest the bulbs so they can be rediscovered? I've tried turning the switch off and on and even unscrewed the bulb.

The only trick I've learned is to go through the process like 8 times. It's a pain in the (_)(_).

I just keep flipping the light switch on/off, leaving it on for at least a half second... you know it worked when it flashes off/on 3 or so times all on it's own.

It's even more of a pain doing it through the app because it's like 8 clicks to get back to pairing.


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