Changing the LED color on the hub

How does the Wink Hub do what it does? What's stored in the database? What does the aprond daemon do? what does aprontest communicate with? What is the ultimate question?
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Changing the LED color on the hub

Postby static418 » Sat Feb 21, 2015 2:57 pm

I've been tinkering recently with the set_rgb command to change the color of the status light on the Wink hub. I don't necessarily have a practical reason for doing so yet, but it seems like it could potentially function somewhat like the notification light on an Android phone or something.
I happened to see something in S41system that looked like it was changing the color of the LED, and a bit of poking around demonstrated that you can set the color via "set_RGB r g b" where r g and b are 0-255 values for red, green, and blue.

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set_rgb 0 255 0
will turn it green, or

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set_rgb 255 165 0
would be orange.
When I first started poking at it, I noticed the LED would change, but there seemed to be a watchdog or something else running every 5 seconds or so which would set it back to its previous value. It would always change back, and always in less than 5 seconds. This was before I had it connected to the Wink service, though, so it may have been whatever routine checks for cloud connectivity.
Just thought I'd share maybe, as I haven't seen anything about that function so far.

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Re: Changing the LED color on the hub

Postby CloneNum3 » Sun Feb 22, 2015 9:35 am

I've played around a bit with the RGB... It should just keep doing whatever it was last told to do. So, if you change it manually then say turn a light on via the app, it'll receive a new command (acknowledging the app request to turn the light on), it'll stop doing what you told it to do.

You can set it to a static color (green in this case):

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set_rgb 0 200 0

Or do something like this...

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set_rgb 0 200 0 200 0 0 flash 500000

which flashes back and forth red/green changing every half a second (last value appears to be in microseconds (1,000,000 = 1sec)

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Re: Changing the LED color on the hub

Postby Middyeasy » Sun Feb 22, 2015 3:46 pm

Terrific find thanks for sharing! Now I can use this with openhab to give feedback for connection status or activity!!

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