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by deeproot
Fri Oct 16, 2015 11:52 pm
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Topic: 2.19 node.js stuff
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2.19 node.js stuff

I just put this at the bottom of my /opt/local_control/aau/http.js and reboot the wink hub This uses no authenication so be careful. Of course the aprontest command is for my light and you need to change it to your -m and -t I have a light that has value ON and value OFF so I can use curl to toggle ...
by deeproot
Tue Apr 14, 2015 11:35 pm
Forum: Upgrade to current firmware maintaining root
Topic: Updating to Latest
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Re: Updating to Latest

if you goto your http://yourwinkip/set_dev_value.php does it still work? if so you can just cat a ssh pub key in and get back to ssh shell.

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